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No need for the $5,000 machine to make a good espresso...

The basic techniques are simple and fundamental to achieving the perfect coffee. Before investing too much money in equipment that still won't give you the result you expect, consider perfecting your technique and learning a few tricks that will make your quest for the perfect coffee easier.

Whether you're more filter or espresso, come take a training session at the workshop to learn more about the origins of each method and especially about the extraction techniques that can raise your game one (or two) notch!

We will discuss together the steps to take to achieve your goals, regardless of your level as a barista.

Choose the number of sessions (1 hour each) you want. A form will be sent to you following the payment of your training to be able to personalize the training to come. You can also enter your preferred dates and times and we will confirm the appointment afterwards.

Is the barista in you ready?